Needle Felted Easter Chick Bright Bird

Beautiful brightly coloured Easter Chick made from brightest, softest wool. These lovely little needle felted birds come in a whole rainbow of colours and make lovely gifts for Easter or just to cheer someone up when they have been having a bad time. They make a wonderful chocolate free alternative to easter eggs and can bee kept on display all year round.

Choose your chick colour from yellow, orange, purple, turquoise, spring green, hot pink and birds come with hot pink beaks except pink who has a yellow beak. If you would like a different coloured beak please send me a message when you place your order.

Stands at 60 - 65mm Tall (please note size may vary slightly as each is individually hand crafted)

Made from:
100% organically farmed merino wool tops and paper wrapped wire. (Does not include nest)
13 GBP